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An Imperfect Blessing
Dark Windows
Arctic Summer
Thoughts in a Makeshift Mortuary
100 Good Ideas
Whoever Fears the Sea
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Orania Orania
By: Michael Hammond; Hanlie Retief

Orania is nie langs enige hoofroete nie. In die barre Noord-Kaap, iewers op die R369 tussen Hopetown en Petrusville, sowat 160 km van Kimberley, lê dié dorp wat sedert sy totstandkoming as ’n volkstaat slegs vir wit Afrikaners in kontroversie gehul is. Dis ’n dorp van ongewone kombinasies: &rsq ...


Hanlie Retief Hanlie Retief

Hanlie Retief is a journalist and the writer of the biography Byleveld. She is well known for her weekly interviews with prominent people in Rapport. In 2011 a selection of her interviews was published in her book Hanlie Retief gesels met. Among the journalism awards that she has received are the Sikuvile and Piet Cillié awards, as well as Media24 Legends, atkv-Mediaveertjies and a Cum Laude Alumni award from the University of the Free Stat ...


The Folly The Folly
By: Ivan Vladislavic
Release Date: May 2014

'You can’t rush the building of a new house. You’ve got to get the whole thing clear in the mind’s eye.'

Mr and Mrs Malgas are going quietly about their lives when an eccentric squatter called Nieuwenhuizen arrives on the vacant plot next to their home and plan ...


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