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Watching Whales & Dolphins in Southern Africa

Watching Whales & Dolphins in Southern Africa

Watching Whales & Dolphins in Southern Africa

Southern Africa has some of the best whale and dolphin watching opportunities in the world, with over half of the world’s species being found in our waters. Watching Whales & Dolphins in Southern Africa is an essential guide to watching the region’s 12 more common species. In addition to species accounts and charts that aid identification, this guide provides detailed information on cetaceans – their evolution, senses, behaviour, classification and anatomy. Multiple, clear images, both photographic and illustrated, help identify each species by showing how to read the partial signs that cetaceans usually offer, such as a flipper, tail, or even just their 'blow'.

The book also discusses the tragic toll that hunting has had on whale populations, and the ongoing struggle to protect these majestic mammals. This is an invaluable guide for anyone wishing to know more about whales and dolphins of the region.

» Author: Noel Ashton; Belinda Ashton
» Title: Watching Whales & Dolphins in Southern Africa
» ISBN: 9781770079571
» Format: Softcover
» Release Date: June 2012
» Imprint: Nature
» Pages: 120
» Price: R170.00
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