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Kill Baxter
Steve Hofmeyr 50
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Steve Hofmeyr 50 Steve Hofmeyr 50
By: Steve Hofmeyr
Release Date: November 2014

This is a photographic celebration of the life and career of Afrikaans music’s superstar. Steve Hofmeyr is one of South Africa’s bestselling musicians and most popular actors, with a huge ...


Steve Hofmeyr Steve Hofmeyr
Steve Hofmeyr is one of the most popular entertainers in South Africa. In addition to his career as a singer, songwriter and actor, he is also outspoken on political and cultural issues. As an actor he gained prominence for his roles in the TV series Agter elke man and various films and soaps, including Egoli. He has won numerous awards; among them Talkshow Host of the Year, platinum discs for CD sales exceeding two million (EMI), and a SAMA for being the to ...


The Strange Library The Strange Library
By: Haruki Murakami
Release Date: December 2014

'All I did was go to the library to borrow some books'.

On his way home from school, the young narrator of The Strange Library finds himself wondering how taxes were collected in the Ottoman Empire. He pops into the local library to see if it has a book on the subject. This is his first mistake.  

Led to a special 'reading room' in a maze under the library by a strange old man, he finds himself imprisoned with only a sheep man, who makes excellent donuts, and a girl, who can talk with her hands, for company. His mother will be worrying why he hasn't returned in time for dinner and the old man seems to have an appetite for eating s ...


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